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My mind is a tired old wanderer, it will travel for days.

Then at nights, when I’m ready to sleep, it goes roaming and pondering restlessly through the streets.

My mind travels; hills and valleys searching, seeking, doubting. My mind took me out of sleep and left me in misery.

I toss and turn, hoping to tire, but my mind keeps wandering. For a moment, I thought that sleep had come, but my mind just wandered off again.

I try to force shutdown, to cancel programs running around, but my mind, rebooted and keeps hounding me.

My mind is a nomad running from place to place, a lost lonely girl jaywalking after her parents fell asleep. My mind is a ghost haunting me, with scary stories and sad memories.

Hoping to find relief and comfort, I finally took my medication …

to rest my mind, until it decides to go wandering again.

Copyright Roxann W. West 2020

Becoming Mother

pregnant woman lying on green grass fields
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Handle with care,

were instructions she wished she got,

but with time she would Master the art of parenting,

just by Opening here…

and Through the trials and errors,

she eventually would adapt to the rigor of child rearing,

she was fragile at times, be careful not to cut,

yet she became fearless, if Handled this side up.

She encountered the unknown,

with such Effervescence,

and Resilience… with time,

she was patterned  into a mother.


© Roxann W. West 2020

Body Lingo

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My body croons – akin to a nightingale,

in hushed tones and  morning whispers –

rhythmic with bumps and grinds.

Listen to the melody of my moans,

as it beckons – with bated breath,

listen to the cries of passion throbbing in your ears –

Listen to the heave of my hips,

Its’ rise and flow –

the thrust deep between my thighs,

where my womanhood lies.

Listen to the reach of my hands gripping your neck,

hammering into your back like a drum,

Listen to pitch of my screams – in falsetto,

when you strike my chords,

do you comprehend what my body talks.

© Roxann W. West 2020

Silver Lines

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When he said – you have grey hairs

I said – it happens when you get old,

the silver lines –  sparkle and define your crown.

Was getting old a feat to fear?

Was I to hide behind hues of dark dyes

just to escape  ridicule?

I  feared – rather, getting old without finding myself,

hiding behind a veil of unfulfilled dreams.

I  feared – rather, getting old and never pursuing passion,

being imprisoned with rancor.

If one didn’t die young then old age rewards you,

with wrinkles and silver lines,

old age –  denotes wisdom and experience

and the silver lines – sparkle and define your crown.

© Roxann West 2020

My Heart is Missing Pieces


Selective Focus Photography of Assorted-color Puzzle Pieces

How do you pour from a broken vessel?

I gradually gathered the riven pieces,

I run my fingers along the uneven

edges of the puzzle, hopeful

the portions would fit in place.

I rummaged through minds and bodies

in search of a good heart,

mine had been strewn like grains of sand

in a desert storm.

I tried to mend, in hope to love again

but I was filling pockets with emptiness,

hoarding brokenness –

because … there are still minute pieces,

missing from my heart.


© Roxann W. West 2020

Rotten Fruit

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How good tree fi bear bad fruit,

more than once?

how seed planted in bad soil,

fi grow good – tilling, watering

with sweat and blood,

sometimes wid eye wata –

why you trod to hell, pon razor sharp rocks,

wid barefoot,  jus fi rotten fruits?

How you fight demons an bear labor pain

more than once,

fi bring forth rotten fruits?

How tree, weh neva put out blossom,

only macca, fi juk you, mus bear fruit?

How sour milk fi nurture root,

how you eat rotten fruit and den,

complain bout diarrhea,

when rotten fruit, start upset stomach.

© Roxann W. West 2019

Bog Walk Gorge

  • Photo courtesy of Jamaica Observer


Fury ignites on the cleavage

of the Rio Cobre …

raging river confronts land

friction – rubbing –  chafing skin

enveloping tributaries – hastily advances

into the belly of the Gorge.

Dancing waters leads to a trap –

carrying flows of caustic spills

the result – tragedy – a fish kill

while people explode ….  in rage

Mountains ponder, up yonder

hushed …. unfazed

© Roxann W. West 2019

The Three “C “Essential of any Relationship

Today I have decided to write a different kind of story, from my personal experience which is a popular discussion topic with my peers. This is my interpretation.


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According to Gary Chapman “Positive affirming relationships bring great pleasure while poor relationships bring great pain. The greatest happiness is found in great relationships while the greatest pain is found in bad relationships”. I’m sure you have wondered at some point in your life, what are the most important aspects of a relationship, be it your professional or personal relationships?

So I have decided to share my views on what I refer to as the “three C essential” namely; consistency, communication and commitment. The list can be extensive but I will share briefly the three that I have had to constantly discuss with my colleagues and why I believe they are important.

  • Consistency

As defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary; to be consistent is to always behave in a similar, especially positive manner. Of note; positive is highlighted because as strange as it may seem there is consistent negative behavior. There must be harmony of conduct if you want be taken seriously. In your business, you cannot, today offer me a product of the highest quality and tomorrow you give me a knockoff item. I will then be inclined to look elsewhere. Consistency builds loyalty and trust and its absence therefore cause us to lose good relationships be it personal or professional.

In your personal life do not be a flip flop and a vessel of unfortunate excuses after your disappearing act when you decide to re- emerge. People will try to justify their inconsistencies; “they were going through a difficult period” etc. if you are going through tough times, or whatever the reason you may need some alone time if there is no communication, it’s fair to assume you are dead. This leads to my second ‘C’

  • Communication/Conversation

I have used communication and conversation interchangeably because conversation is important in communication. Oscar Wilde believes the bond of all companionship, be it a marriage, friendship or any relationship is conversation. You may ask, why wasn’t this the first principle mentioned, but I believe communication will not take place when there is no consistency. It is through communication that information is exchanged between individuals and they get an understanding of the current environment. Therefore a bond must be developed so others feel comfortable and willing to communicate with you. So it can be said that the absence of communication leads to conflicts and misunderstanding and a breakdown in any relationship. And according to Paul J. Meyer, “communication is the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”. My hope, is that our ultimate goal is to have success both in our personal and professional relationships.

  • Commitment

Often when I mention the third ‘C’ I’m greeted with an expression of skepticism, why is this so? Some may ask if I expect commitment overnight. The answer is “no I don’t” however commitment here also refers to your intentions. Psychology today refers to evoking a strong sense of intention and focus, typically accompanied by a statement of purpose or a plan of action. If early in a relationship intent is not clear then you are wasting time, you must have an idea of what you desire. This principle applies to your relationships, if you are just looking to have a good time then don’t mess with someone who is looking for commitment. So commitment must be explicitly stated and demonstrated. In concluding if you are offering a product or service you must be committed to offering quality and value for money consistently which will ensure profitability.

Thank you for reading. You may share your views as well some other ‘C’ that could be added to the list.

© Roxann W. West


clouds historical time tower


I wait on a revelation,

like a prancing cat on a hot roof,

like a woman far advanced with child

show me your hands, give me a sign.


I tread the borders of your mind,

free your thoughts, I desire peace,

like an apprehensive woman,

her lover incarcerated.


Time they say you are Master

I’ve waited since I was just a girl

now my beauty has withered,

and my skeleton undressed.


The road has become onerous,

weary I’ve become,

on the truth I await,

grant me judgment.

© Roxann W. West 2019