Ella Es Mujer ǁ She is Woman


She unveils pleasure amidst bouts of lovemaking

Her vulnerability undressed

She endures the pangs of labor

She gives birth to a Nation

She is Lover, Mother, Teacher

She is domesticated she’s educated

She is a leader

She is Woman…

Woman in Peach-color and Red Floral Sweatshirt Holding Gray Jacket


She is thrust into the abyss of a cruel world

To encounter hardships, hatred, war

She is Warrior, Conqueror, Healer

With blood, sweat and tears

When challenged she’s unmatched

In crisis though scarred and battered she prevails

She is Woman…


She wears the burdens like a Breastplate

She overcomes

She is a rose amongst thorns

She is sweet and gentle as lilies

She is radiant with a striking smile

She is Woman…

© Roxann W. West 2019


Drunken Love

Sharing My Poem Drunken Love, #HappyValentinesDay


I’m high on you

I’m addicted to your drug

you’re Valium

I’m formed into a habit of your drunken love

a shot from you at the crack of dawn

lifts me high into your synergy

as I feel you seeping through my vein

I float on cloud nine… hopelessly in love sublime

I can’t feign my reaction to  your concoction

I’m numb… I feel no pain

I feel no pain…

artistic blossom bright clouds

I’m habit formed prescription filled

of your morphine, released in my vein

I’m addicted to you like crack cocaine

withdrawn from the reality of society

to escape the truth

I’m high on you… intoxication foolproof.

© Roxann W. West 2019



My first Poem for 2019

ash blaze bonfire burn


Gazing at the hue of my charcoal skin

you think it looks exotic and queer

so you dissect me with a stare

still you can’t see…

the darkness of my pain

the permanent scars I bare

all I am now… are charred remains, bare bones

you see, I survived their conspiracy

though in that moment

I waited in anguish for death to come

I didn’t fathom I would live to tell the tale.


Now they come pouring water on the wounds

with the veiled hands they used to pour the gasoline

ignited the flames and watched me burn

they had no remorse then …

now that the ashes from the fiery fury have settled

in contrite they come to atone for their sins

when I… I had already begun to heal

and like a Phoenix… still I  rise from the ashes.

©  Roxann W. West 2019

Wishing to Forget

adult alone backlit dark

I wish I could fall into a deep trance…

So, I could forget that day you stole my innocence; forget that deep throbbing pain penetrating my body, when you forced yourself onto me, threatening to tell my mother that I, just a child had begged for it!

I wish I could forget that the sun shines but not on me because you took away the brightness and I shall never see light again.

I wish I could forget the way you looked at me and licked your lips like I was fresh meat just removed from the skillet with all the juices flowing like a river of sweet honey. My mother pretended she didn’t see. How I hated you because you were her man and she believed every word you said. That night when you forced yourself on me putting your hand over my mouth so I couldn’t utter a sound telling me you wouldn’t hurt me. But you was her man and she thinking she in love, she did nothing to stop the abuse.

When I tried to tell her, she said “hush you mouth” and hissed her teeth now I wish I could forget she was my mom and how she sacrificed her child, how she bartered my flesh for her personal pleasures and now I’m here, I scarred for life.

Copyrights Roxann W. West

State of Mind

woman holding brown leather wristlet

I opened the cover of my book

to a new chapter at which I looked, I spun the pages and there

though not clearly defined a script of my life outlined…

adult blur books close up

The direction to take puzzled me, yet words unfold in a language unknown

diverse voices shouting in my head a travesty of words said.

Copyrights Roxann W. West 2018


Our Father

man putting his shoulder around boy while his other hand is inside his pocket

A Father inscribed herewith in our hearts

our provider and protector

a Dad who is head of our family who is there for us in entirety

Dad we didn’t know you had sadness or even felt pain

because you embraced the hardship and gave us love everyday

as a father you love our mother unconditionally

showing respect to her continuously.

Dad you are our burden bearer you go the extra mile

and though you were rough at times

you have ways that are so gentle and kind

no one can ever take your place because you’ve raised the standard

so other fathers may emulate you and endeavor to be on par

standards you set so high but the principles to your sons you teach

the love we have for you will never cease; you are

forever our dad…

our father…

copyrights Roxann W. West 2018

Dearly Beloved

adult alone black and white blur

My dearly beloved…

why did you die leaving me at common law?

a dear friend with no entitlement

all the time I was your woman,

to have and hold I took care of you committing my life

and still I was not your dear Wife

your Widow with some prestige…

all this time you kept our relationship a secret

I was only a dear friend…a title that left with me some unease

when they come to take your body away

they ask for your wife…

I heard the Undertaker whisper

a man of your status should have a Wife

I had to swallow my pride and say I am; his Common law Wife.

My dearly beloved when your children came

they showed me no respect, because you had married their mother

in fact, they thought I was your Maid

so today when I came to show my last respect

my heart is broken…

I say goodbye to the love of my life

but to you…I was only a dear friend.


Copyrights Roxann W. West 2018